​The World in the Past 24hrs

发布时间: 2021-03-16 13:35 | 来源: Xinhua | 作者: huaxia | 责任编辑: 江虹霖

The world in the past 24hrs. A selection of the best daily press photos from Xinhua.

A watchtower of the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, is seen shrouded in dust in Beijing, capital of China, March 15, 2021. Beijing was enveloped in yellow dust on Monday morning with visibility at less than 1 km, as the city's meteorological department issued a yellow warning for sandstorms, the third-most hazardous level. (Xinhua/Chen Yehua)

The left photo shows medical worker Zhou Guohong posing with cherry blossom in Wuhan University in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, March 13, 2021. The right photo shows Zhou Guohong giving a thumb up at the temporary hospital converted from Wuhan Sports Center in Wuhan, Feb. 12, 2020. Zhou was one of the medical workers from east China's Anhui Province to assist the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan in the spring of 2020. This year, she revisited Wuhan as a guest invited to enjoy the cherry blossom in Wuhan University. (Xinhua/Xiao Yijiu)

Photo taken on March 14, 2021 shows the elderly in the nursing home in Zhiduo County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai Province. Massive rebuilding efforts have reshaped Yushu, 11 years after an earthquake hit the prefecture. Four government-funded homes for the elderly and one welfare home were built in Zhiduo County. (Xinhua/Zhang Hongxiang)

Aerial photo taken on March 14, 2021 shows farmers feeding basses in Deqing County of Huzhou City, east China's Zhejiang Province. (Photo by Xie Shangguo/Xinhua)

Children fly kites amid cole flowers in Longquan Village of Xiushui Township in Anzhou of Mianyang, southwest China's Sichuan Province, March 14, 2021. (Xinhua/Jiang Hongjing)

Tourists take an outing at the Longshan cherry garden in Quanjiao County, east China's Anhui Province, March 13, 2021. In recent years, relying on local agricultural and tourism resources, Quanjiao County has promoted the integrated development of ecological agriculture and rural tourism and built a number of rural tourist attractions to increase agricultural efficiency and farmers' income. (Photo by Shen Guo/Xinhua)

Images of New Yorkers lost to the COVID-19 pandemic are projected onto the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the United States, March 14, 2021.

New York City held an official memorial ceremony on Sunday evening to honor more than 30,000 New Yorkers who died of COVID-19. The total number of New Yorkers lost to the COVID-19 pandemic is more than that died from World War II, the Vietnam War, hurricane Sandy and 911 attacks put together, said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Xinhua/Michael Nagle)

Photo taken on March 14, 2021 shows trains displayed at "Das Heizhaus" railway museum in Strasshof an der Nordbahn, Austria. Based on a large railway marshalling yard, the museum shows classic trains of different periods and types in Europe for visitors. (Xinhua/Guo Chen)

People perform during an activity to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Wellington, New Zealand, March 14, 2021. (Xinhua/Lu Huaiqian)